Saturday, December 18, 2004

The Virgin Birth

Okay, I know I shouldn't really be commenting on this, because I have absolutely no knowledge of the Bible...okay, maybe a bit, but not enough to be confident talking about it. However, I just wanted to bring up an interesting nugget of information.

I will digress first: A teacher of mine recounted the story of the little girl cooking with her young mother in the kitchen. Before putting the roast into the casserole, the young mother cut off a lump of the meat off the end of the roast, and lay it next to the roast in the casserole. The little girl asked her mother, why she did that. And the mother responded, that she didn't was just something her mother always did, and she had learned how to cook roast from her mother, so she had picked it up too. So they called the grandmother, and asked her why she did it, and she replied, she didn't know...her mother had always done it, so she did too. So they called the great-grandmother and asked why she always cut a lump off the end of the roast...and she said: "Oh, that was because my roast pan was too small for the whole roast."

Anyways, to get back to the Bible, or more precisely, the "Virgin" Mary. Now both Matthew and Luke recount the birth of Jesus...and the preceding Immaculate conception. And Mary is always mentioned as the virgin Mary. Okay, so, in all probability, she was. However, I think it's highly probable that they didn't mean to constantly call her the Virgin Mary, but instead, the maiden/girl Mary, as the word "virgo" in Latin means : maiden, virgin, young girl.

So, when the Bible was translated from Latin, they just took the translation "virgin"...but it wasn't necessarily so. Once again, I want to re-iterate, that I am not saying she wasn't a virgin, I am just saying that they may have just wanted to say maiden Mary, and instead it was translated into the Virgin Mary...

I have no idea, why I am writing this, I just thought it was an interesting fact...and I want to suddenly make my years of Latin courses worth something.


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Read some Dan Brown. The DaVinci Code will help.

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