Thursday, March 10, 2005

Televised interrogations of captured terrorists in Iraq

Oh, this video is just priceless. (via Dcat)

It is an interrogation of two Iraqi terrorists, who killed 36 Iraqis: policemen, national guardsmen, and 10 Christian girls, three of which they raped. Pray tell, how is raping women helping free Iraq from the oppression of the evil American occupiers?

Some criticize the televised interrogations…I applaud them.

This is what Omar at Iraq the Model had to say about watching the broadcast, which is apparently a daily broadcast on Al Iraqiya TV:

Regardless of what might be said about the inappropriateness of showing these interrogations and regardless of all the discussions about human rights and Geneva conventions...etc, I believe that it was necessary to bring these confessions and interrogations to the public because this is something that touches the lives of the people in many places and in many occasions, therefore the people deserve to know everything about it.

Here in Iraq, it DID make a difference as it helped more people who had uncertain thoughts about the "insurgency" get the right picture of the nature of the "insurgents" motivations, goals and ideology. And I think it will also have a positive effect on the performance of the security forces. The progress may be happening slowly but the situation is promising; the people and the security forces are actively building a united front to face terrorism and this is what we really need to secure our country.


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