Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Blog for a New Phase in My Life

I kind of abandoned this blog and didn't realize it was still getting quite a few visitors, especially from girlfriends of deploying soldiers as the majority of my posts were written from 2005 to 2006 while I was going through my first deployment with my then boyfriend, now husband. We have since gotten married, had 3 kids, and gone through another deployment.

I can honestly say that my experience through our second deployment, as a married mother of two, and pregnant with our third child, while perhaps physically more exhausting, was definitely a lot easier emotionally than my first. I wasn't constantly worried about our future as a couple, and I was a lot more distracted taking care of the kids. My heart really goes out to all the girlfriends and boyfriends of deployed soldiers, it's a difficult role that doesn't receive as much support as that of the military spouses. But my husband told me that his second deployment, with me as his girlfriend (his first had been as a single unattached soldier) was a lot easier emotionally for him than the first. He looked forward to my emails, our chats, my care packages and of course his homecoming.

If anyone is interested in seeing how we are doing now, you can visit my new blog, Project Me Happy. Yes, I have turned into a Mommy Crafting Blogger...not very original, I know...but it's my life and I embrace it...hope to see you guys there!


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