Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Left as Chicken Little

This is one of my favorite blogger posts ever, found via Athena. Before I had a blog, I had sent this to a few friends, read it outloud to others, even printed it out. It is a really amusing rant about the Left, and starts off with this preamble:

Let’s stipulate for the sake of argument that everything the Left claims to fear about the Bush admin and mainstream red-state America is true.

And follows up with little gems like this:

We’ll cram the landfills (which will be more numerous than ever) with deadly silicon breast implants, and we’re going to wipe our asses with copies of the Kyoto Treaty, after which we’ll staple the soiled pages to your foreheads. Halliburton will be sending you the bill for that, too; we’ll call it “cosmetic surgery” and charge a rate tied to the market price for the harvested, tanned, and cured pelts of starving homeless Americans, whose numbers will be rocketing even higher than those for the aforementioned landfills, which is where said homeless will be forced to live while we hunt them down for sport.

It's a highly amusing read, and a must to forward to all of your left-leaning friends in hopes that they might see the error of their ways...hope springs eternal!


Blogger ac blue eagle said...

I agree with your observations. Keep smiling and writing. You need to be a newspaper reporter. That gives you a reason to ask anyone almost any question. It also gives you an opportunity to challenge anyone's assertion about anything--which can be fun!

5:19 AM  

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