Thursday, January 06, 2005

Progressive Humor

What is a Progressive? found at One Fair-haired, One Gray-Haired. [A little more conservative than I am, but I agree with a lot]. Fav lines include:

In the 1970's he believed that we were on the verge of a new ice age while today he is a fervent believer in global warming;

He thinks everything would be better if we just put more money money into it;

Whatever it was, he voted for it before he voted against it;

He believes that Christians are underdeveloped zealots who sit around all day playing banjos while waiting for Jerry Falwell to tell them how to vote;

He hates prejudice but believes that Texas is inhabited by Neanderthals and totally misses the irony;

He instinctively concerns himself with the rights of the accused before considering the welfare of a victim of crime;

He believes that Viet Nam was Nixon's war;

He thinks that Republicans were to blame for the voting fiascos in South Florida even though the vast majority of the confused voters were Democrats who claimed problems with a ballot designed by other Democrats;

He panics at the thought of running out of French wine and worries himself sick over whether the French really, really like us;

And last but not least, he believes that if we'll just down-size our military, the rest of the world will let out a collective Kumbaya and never study war no more.


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