Tuesday, February 01, 2005

See Al Franken Cry...

I have found another frighteningly enjoyable blog: EtherHouse.

Some snippets:

On the Iraq/Vietnam comparison: Why the left needs Iraq to be Vietnam:
Lefties need Iraq to be Vietnam. No matter how obvious the mismatch, they'll just hammer Iraq into the hole that Vietnam left in their cause until it fits. They need Vietnam back because it was the shining hour when they held the moral high ground and all the media reflected their glory back at them.[...]
Isn't it ironic that those who protested it the most are the ones who desperately want their beloved Vietnam back?

And there is also a post linking to a video where you can see Al Franken crying about how mean Fox News is.

This post at Protein Wisdom (found via EtherHouse) about many reporters critisizing VP Cheney for wearing a parka to the Auschwitz liberation anniversary had me in stitches:

[...]my guess is that Gore could have shown up at Auschwitz wearing a suit made from Jackie Mason and trimmed with the ass hair of Woody Allen, and Givhan would have bent over backwards to frame the Democratic VP’s fashion choice as “a daring deconstruction of the kind of traditional ceremonial mourning practices that have turned commemorations of singular events like the Holocaust into mundane—and cynically commodified—photo ops for heads of state and /or their proxies.”

I love the Internet.


Blogger Jake said...

Bwa ha ha ... how fitting that months of radio whining turns into video crying. Technology marches on ;-).

12:36 AM  

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