Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Aljazeera's Non-Objective Reporting

This Aljazeera article takes itself a little too seriously...it is pretty laughable. I mean, it is written with big words and powerful statements, but it's almost as if someone were to make a speech about Fahrenheit 9/11 being a work of art:

Taysir Alluni could never have suspected that the 9/11 attacks and the US war against Afghanistan in its hunt for al-Qaida and Taliban leaders would dramatically change his life.
Alluni, who began his career as an Arabic translator for a news agency in Granada, Spain, is credited as being the only journalist based in Afghanistan in October 2001 to show the world what the US war machine was doing to one of the world's poorest countries.

Was he covering what the Taliban war machine was doing to one of the world’s poorest countries before the evil US war machine arrived? Seems like that might have been more interesting…you know, with them destroying the Buddha statues and all and letting the infrastructure fall into disrepair and all that jazz?

By then working for Aljazeera, Alluni was able to capture images of civilian victims in the destitute villages of Afghanistan and the miserable streets of Kabul. His coverage triggered international outrage over the US action in Afghanistan.

Oh there is so much wrong with this paragraph I don’t even know where to start. Yes, there are destitute villages in Afghanistan, but that is not the “US war machine”’s fault, in fact that has more of a chance of changing now. And I think the international outrage over the Taliban's stronghold over Afghanistan and it harboring al-Qaeda was a little larger.

Alluni's work in that war-torn country came to an end when US forces bombed Aljazeera's Kabul office just hours before the Northern Alliance entered the Afghan capital. While many say the office was deliberately targeted, Aljazeera keeps an open mind, while still asking for an official investigation.

Aljazeera….keeping an open mind…who wrote this article?

Alluni left Kabul shortly before his office was bombed, following the Taliban retreat and reporting on it. Much of what he witnessed was too distressing to show and he was himself assaulted. "Scenes that, I'm sorry, I could not describe to anybody," he said.

Were they scenes worse that stoning women to death? Or the "Minister of Morals" making sure no one was breaking any moral laws?

Beaten and mugged, Alluni has not said who attacked him but described the incident as leaving him "in deep psychological shock".

And he was beaten and mugged? But not by an American soldier, surely? Once again, because the evil Americans couldn't implement a better invasion plan, in the vacuum left by the fleeing Taliban chaos erupted...and the poor kind Aljazeera reporter was beaten and mugged. Could it be that someone beat him, because it was seen that he was collaborating with their oppressors? Could it be that it was an act of random violence that could of just as well happened in Paris (I know someone who was mugged two times in one night in that city...City of Lovers, my a**...it's the City of Muggers) or Miami?

Okay, I can’t waste my time commenting on the rest of the article, but if you feel a little masochistic, go check it out yourself. Basically another story about someone crying a river about their rights being infringed upon, while glorifying those whose aim it is to take those rights away from everyone.


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