Monday, March 14, 2005

Blogging from or about Afghanistan

Because of my boyfriend's deployment there, I have an increased interest in blogs from Afghanistan. I have found these either through Technorati, or from other bloggers' websites, like Shar's. A few of them also have photo pages up.

Jean-Paul Borda is a national guardsman and blogs about his experiences during his current deployment.

Xavier, a US soldier from Texas, stationed in Mannheim, just recently deployed to Afghanistan.

AfghanAndy: soldier from Texas

Waheed: an Afghani interpreter for the US Army, who recently started his own blog.

SGT Ricardo Cortez, who numbers his post according to how may days he has been there: he's at post 83-86 now.

B, a US soldier stationed in Kaiserslautern, but on his way to Afghanistan.

Josh, an American contracter blogging from Afghanistan.

Special Forces Alpha Geek started his blog upon returning from a year in Afganistan, and continues to blog about his experiences there.


Blogger Søren said...


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Nobody knows when it will hit the world and at what magnitude.
The good story is that the world will survive and so will you.

Our present leaders seem to believe that the New World will leave them with a paradise in Afghanistan.
In this paper I will state to you why this is a miscalculation and I will tell you how you and your family will be safe.

First I must state that there is no reason to be unsecure about what is coming.
The turbulence in the world has ended. Our present leaders who are still in office have lost their authority.
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Their strategies to find safe haven in Afghanistan before finding God is naïve.
Their intelligence is not adorable.
Read the New Testament to find answers to your questions.
Remember that God hates the sins but loves the sinner.

3:08 PM  

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