Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Teddy Bear Shaped Baloney

Germans like to tease me about the perverse products that America has, like green ketchup or cheese whiz, but I have found something here in Germany that is also a little scary…(but I am sure that America has similar products.)

Having trouble getting your kids to wolf down their boloney? Well then, you need to serve them Reinert Bärchenwurst:

The teddy bear smiles! And all children will smile too- both large and small. Because the good Reinert Baerchenwurst with the smiling bear face offers several reasons to be joyful: It tastes specially delicious, however only at the most 15% fat and in addition contains an extra portion calcium. 100 g of our children’s boloney gives 36% - 53% of the daily calcium need of a child from 1 - 10 yeas oldr. Reinert Baerchenwurst is prepared predominantly with lean poultry meat.

It is actually called Reinert Baerchenwurst: Gefluegel Mortadella, which means poultry boloney. So, wouldn’t you think that the boloney would be made entirely out of poultry meat? Well, as the above paragraph says, “predominantly with lean poultry meat,” 52% turkey to be exact. Another meat makes up 20% of its composition…what meat, you ask? Aha…pork. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, poultry boloney made in Germany actually has a pretty large portion of pork in it.

Reinert also offers another product. If your children find eating liverwurst out of the plastic tube too unappealing, well you can serve it to them like cream cheese, but in a teddy bear shaped spread tub: Reinert Bärchen-Streich!

Although I can understand that the teddy bear shape appeals to kids, somehow I find it perverse that it is a meat product.


Blogger Jake said...

I never had a desire to put mustard on any of my teddy bears and eat them... then again, I'm a little weird.

1:16 AM  

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