Saturday, April 30, 2005

Crime is war on a small scale

Just found a great rant at Trolling for Tin Foil (via Major K):

Forget Peace. It's a myth- If you want to test this theory, try yanking the cops off the streets and protest in the worst neighborhoods you can find. That's what these places are- A Microcosm of the places that we fight in. Crime is war on a very small scale. Every gang leader is a small-time dictator, running his world as he sees fit, solely for the benefit of himself and his homies. Start ther- When you get that fixed then I'll pay attention to you. Until then- You're out of touch and irrelevant.


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I've been following your posts for the last few months. Your blog is on my daily must read list. I just wanted to comment that I find your posts interesting and enjoyable. DWITT, Cincinnati, Ohio

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