Thursday, June 16, 2005


I just got a weird email from a friend. It was a story that he had found on a message board and he forwarded it to me. I have no idea why he sent me the forward, as I have never dropped acid, and don't plan on doing so either.

I must say folks last night was the most intense night of my life. I was released from the hospital this morning, the doctor said i was lucky to be alive. With furthur tests i might have suffered slight brain damage, the doctors are at this moment unsure.

Yesterday me and a few buddies decided to drop acid, and during our trip we decide to smoke bowls. We were having a great time up until my friend said "hey i heard on a phish board that if you put gasoline in the bong it will get you way faded." So being the stupid ass stonner that i am, i decided to indulge. We went to the local Chevron and put in $1 of premuium with techron into my 3 foot roor. I took the first hit. At first i felt really dizzy, i started vomiting, and then i passed out. That night i woke up in the hospital with the worst headache i have ever had.

Needless to say i am luck to be alive. I must warn everyone to never try anything like this again. I realize i have a slight drug problem and i am now enrolled in a treatment center. If i can give anyone advice it would be to never try anything that is out of the ordinary, no strage drug combos. BE SAFE OUT THERE PEOPLE!

I guess I just have to shake my head here. I mean, I can remember reading a blog from a mother in Iraq complaining about the moral decrepitude of America, citing divorce rates and gay marriage, and saying she didn't feel America should be taken as the example for moralls good living. I just kind of shrugged, since I am grateful for all the freedoms we have in America.

However, after reading this post, I just had to shake my head in disappointment. It saddens me that some people feel the need to chase this ultimate high (and it seems to be out of pure boredom and not because they have some tragic circumstances in their life), while my boyfriend is out in Afghanistan protecting those kids way of life. But I guess freedom means the freedom to kill yourself by doing something completely idiotic.


Blogger StoicMom said...

The saddest thing about that post is that this idiot thinks he has a "slight" drug problem. Ummmmm, when someone is so stupid as to resort to snorting gasoline, well, I think the doctors are pretty well sure he had brain damage long before he ever went to the gas station. And just in case anybody had doubts about his sanity, this way of the internet... decides to tell the world how stupid he is. He doesn't have enough brains to crawl under a rock and be embarrassed. Go ahead and say goodnight, Ethel. You won't be long upon this earth. But thanks for the advice, dude. I'll remember that the next time I fill'er up.

7:41 PM  
Blogger Teresa said...

Considering the magnitude of the drug problem this person would have to have in order to snort gasoline... I tend to think this isn't a first hand account. It's far too coherent. After acid and gasoline - I would think he'd have trouble with forming more than 1 thought at a time... much less telling a story in several paragraphs... I'm just sayin...

5:57 AM  

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