Friday, October 14, 2005

A measure of success

As a few of you may know, my boyfriend and I have slightly differing political views. In fact, when we were first dating, I used to call myself the 'pinko commie,' because in comparison to him, that is how I felt. Now I am less insecure about it, and embrace this constant conflict. When I was watching a really crappy movie the other night, and this little gem of a quote came up, I felt like the movie was speaking to me:

I'd rather fight with you than make love with anyone else.

So tonight, when he sent me yet another link from the National Review Online, I obediently clicked and read. Actually I exaggerate, most of the stuff at NRO is pretty good...However, this article was so good, I feel obliged to link it:

Finally, we need to be systematic in our appraisal of the course of this war, asking not just whether the United States is more popular and better liked, but rather whether Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, and Egypt are moving in the right or wrong direction. Is Europe more or less attuned to the dangers of radical Islam, and more or less likely to work with the United States? Is the Israeli-Palestinian dispute getting worse or stabilizing? Is our security at home getting better, and do we understand radical Islam more or less perfectly? Are Middle East neutrals like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan more or less helpful in the war against the terrorists? Are global powers like India and Japan more or less inclined to America? And are clear-cut enemies such as Iran and Syria becoming more or less emboldened or facing ostracism?

If we look at all these questions dispassionately, and tune out the angry rhetoric on the extreme Left and Right, then we can see things are becoming better rather than worse — even as the media and now the public itself believes that a successful strategy is failing.

I agree.


Blogger airforcewife said...

I'm the "dirty hippie" in our family. Not quite a commie pinko.

I noticed a year or so ago that NRO made quite a few valid points, but can't link it when I am discussing with someone whom I know from CA as it's immediately dismissed as a "right wing propaganda piece."

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