Thursday, October 13, 2005

Round up of news coverage of US helicopter aid to Pakistan

From the Seattle Times:

In the light of early morning, the crew of Miss Behavin', a Chinook from Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, left behind their hide-and-seek fight with the Taliban to lend a hand in Pakistan, where their new foes — injury and deprivation — were overwhelmingly visible.


"With two Chinooks we brought back 60 people, just a drop in the bucket of what's really out there," says Chief Warrant Officer Mark Jones, a pilot from Seattle.

From Voice of America:

We are landing deep in the Himalayas here on board a US army Chinook helicopter. This remote area of Kashmir in Pakistan was hard hit by the earthquake and people here are completely cut off.

From the Christian Science Monitor:

Sergeant Albert's Chinook helicopter, nicknamed "Hell Raiser" for its exploits on wartime missions, brought back 22 injured from Muzaffarabad, a 35-minute flight away from the capital, Islamabad. It took an hour to offload injured, refuel, and then load sacks of flour and tents.. It was accompanied by a Blackhawk, called "Evil Monkey," which was loaded with rice. Both helicopters were assigned Pakistani Army officers to navigate the mountains leading to Pakistan Kashmir's capital, Muzaffarabad.

And this interesting nugget found in the New York Times:

Among the American Chinooks and Black Hawks and Pakistani helicopters ferrying food and water and tents in and wounded people out of this stricken town, one of the worst hit in the earthquake zone, are four helicopters bearing the Afghan flag.

The Russian-built MI-17 helicopters - almost the entire operational Afghan air force - have been sent to help quake victims in Pakistan.


Blogger Teresa said...

WooHoo - I love seeing Chinooks in the news!!! That is so cool. *grin* They are doing incredible work.

6:35 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

While in the Memphis airport earlier this week, I was watching CNN and getting all teary-eyed about seeing the Chinooks flying in Pakistan. An incredible feeling of pride washed over me.

Awesome, awesome, awesome!

6:49 PM  
Blogger Homefront Six said...

Dh's unit leaves soon to help as well. My heart is filled with pride even though dh won't be going along for the ride.

Hookers are AWESOME!!!

7:21 AM  

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