Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Conspiracy theory

America goes to war. A debate follows about whether the nation could have avoided the costly conflict. Defense manufacturers are accused of conspiracy in influencing the decision to enter the war, since they have had the most profit from the war, while the conflict has cost America many lives.

A congressional inquiry is made, and the senator leading the committee proclaims: “when the Senate investigation is over, we shall see that war and preparation for war is not a matter of national honor and national defense, but a matter of profit for the few.”

The senator also goes so far as to suggest the the president had withheld essential information from Congress as it considered a declaration of war.


No...try 1934.


Blogger Teresa said...

Yes, things haven't really changed much at all... technology has - but not people. It's just that we seldom learn about that stuff in school - so everyone thinks everything they're doing now is new and it's "worse than it's ever been before"... All nonsense of course. *grin*

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