Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Tee hee

John McCain is funny:

I’m glad to be out of Washington. As you know, we Republicans aren’t having much fun there these days. Tom DeLay has been indicted; Bill Frist has been subpoenaed; senior White House aides investigated by a special prosecutor: the President’s nominee to the Supreme Court facing a difficult confirmation. Or as our friends at Fox News call it, a slow news month.

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Blogger Kent said...

So much to say about McCain.

First, all my wacko Liberal friends LOVE him.

Second, while I respect the fact that he served in the military and was a POW, we cannot expect the guy to be objective when it comes to anything war or torture-related and yet he's out on the front lines attempting to craft policy on those very topics.

Third, this guy is never going to be the GOP nominee, for a variety of reasons--he's a Christian-hater and votes with the Dems more often than not.

Fourth, back in 2000, he promised as President that he would no longer allow corporations to deduct advertising costs as a business expense. Since I'm a advertising creative director that kinda freaked me out.

Fifth, he's got quite a temper--not a good quality for a prospective Commander In Chief to have.

Sixth, he's sick. I mean, really. Have you seen the big tumor and scar on the left side of his face? This guy should give his Senate seat to JD Hayworth and put himself out to pasture already.

Seventh, he's more concerned with being buddy buddy with Democrats, he's a complete media whore and he's got an ego about the size of Rhode Island.

Eighth, he's a charter member of the 'good ole boys club' in Congress which illustrates everything that's wrong with politics.

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