Thursday, December 22, 2005

Oh, man...not again

Can you remember this?

Now the Italian "justice" system is going after a US marine:

Italian magistrates have placed a U.S. marine under official investigation for murder over the killing of an Italian agent in Iraq earlier this year, judicial sources said on Thursday.

Intelligence officer Nicola Calipari was shot dead at an improvised U.S. checkpoint on a road near Baghdad in March as he was accompanying an Italian hostage to safety.

While the U.S. military exonerated its troops of any blame, Rome said nervous, inexperienced American soldiers and a badly executed road block were at the root of the shooting.

Um...I doubt that Marine was inexperienced. If you look at pictures of the car, there are only a few bullet holes. It wasn't a nervous trigger-happy reaction. The Marine was following the procedure, and the car was speeding through the check-point.

So let me get this straight: Italy pays a ransom to release Segrena, aiding the enemy. And now they are investigating a US soldier for the murder of an Italian agent after the release of Segrena?

Priorities=not straight.


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