Friday, January 23, 2009

DailyKos' Obama criticism quandary

Lately, I often visit DailyKos. Since Obama has been elected the blog has become slightly more bearable since there is less Bush-bashing to be made, and more looking to the future. I actually really enjoyed their reporting during the whole Blago saga. But today's post from the Kos himself gave me some reason for mirth. DailyKos was able to be relevant, because it was built in opposition to the Bush administration...but what happens when that demand is gone?. Kos writes:

It's been easy to survive the last seven years bashing Bush, and few complained when we took on Pelosi or Reid. But criticizing Obama is pretty darn controversial in our little world.

Yes...this will be interesting...I have also wondered what will happen to the Colbert Report. I think the Daily Show will survive, but I am not so sure about Colbert...we'll see...


Blogger Butterfly Wife said...

Do you think the DailyKos needs to have the controversy to get up the readership there? If they didn't, I'd hate to think they would be getting in line, behind the porn industry naturally, to get a federal bailout.

(I said porn on your site. Heh.)

5:56 AM  

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