Friday, January 07, 2005

A Youth's View From The Right

I found this through 2Slick. What do you do when you are a conservative teenager, and don't find much intellectual stimulation from your peers? You start a blog with some like-minded buddies.

Their preamble reads: Everyday we're thrust into the belly of the beast, public education, and fight against seemingly insurmountable political odds; thankfully we've escaped with our ideologies intact. In fact, this political oppression has only strengthened our belief in truth, justice, and the capitalistic way.

It's really cute, spelling mistakes and all. They have posts like Communism is Evil?, Liberal Talk Radio, and cute little signatures like 'Fighting for truth, justice and the capitalistic way' and 'Take it or leave it, these are my beliefs.'

They also chronicle their daily battles with their liberal counterparts:
My favorite angry phrase I heard that day was “You Conservatives are so stupid!” This line truly unveils liberals’ hatred and elitism. Again I asked the accuser to back-up this claim and once again all they could say was, “Just because.”

Sounds like little liberals aren't much different than some bigger liberals...

DaMassPhilosopher, TokenYoungConservative, RecoveringLiberal and YoungRightWinger kick butt.


Blogger ac blue eagle said...

I agree with your business about junk science. I object to a lot of "false issues" as I call them because they take energy away from real issues that can be solved or eliminated, such as bad water in different parts of the world.
You think well. Look into journalism.

3:05 AM  

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