Sunday, February 27, 2005

Buy Blue vs. Buy Red

How can Democrats help their party? The answer is simple according to this website: buy blue! Buy Blue Org’s motto is “In today’s America there is a more powerful act than voting blue…and that is buying blue.” Wow...did I just read that correctly? Did a left-leaning political group tout the power of money, over the power of the political process? There might be hope yet...

The organization's website offers a listing of corporations rating them over a spectrum from dark blue, to dark red, according to company practices and monetary donations to political parties. Of course, this list can be used in reverse for those wanting to buy red!

It occurred to me that if people really started following this nonsense (it assumes that people make purely emotional choices about purchases, which is a luxury only afforded by the wealthy), that America would also be divided along a consumer level.

  • Democrats would shop at bookstores like Barnes and Nobles and Bookstar, and Republicans could only shop online at Couples and friends who crossed party lines would be able to enjoy coffee at Borders Books.
  • Tourists to Hawaii would be mostly Democrats as the inter-island carriers, Aloha and Hawaiian are solid blue.
  • Southwest, Continental, Delta and Northwest Airlines would start a frequent flyer program called the Red Fliers Club.
  • Republicans would have difficulty finding hotels as most hotel chains are solid blue.
  • Best Buy would be the Bush Country of electronic stores, and all Republicans would have Dell computers. Conversely, all Democrats would have Apples (hmmm, this is making a little sense come to think of it) and their only electronics shopping possibility would be the neutrals Fry’s Electronics and The Good Guys.
  • Kmart would be neutral territory, while Target and Walmart would be Republican stomping ground.
  • Republicans would regretfully have to cut up their Costco membership cards, and only shop at Safeway and Vons.
  • Democrats would order from the LL Bean catalog, and Republicans from JC Penny’s.
  • All engagement rings for Democrats would come from Kay’s Jewelers, while Republican damsels would sport bling bling from Zale’s.
  • Any self-respecting Republican chick would only suds up with products from Bath and Body Works, while Democrat femmes would only deign Aveda worthy of their soft skin.
  • Democrats would pretty much have to give up on using phones and the internet, there would also be no more late night convenience shopping at Minimarts or AM/PMs, or pretty much any convenience store for that matter.
  • If you wanted to show your red pride, you would only eat Jolly Ranchers, Kit Kats, Reese’s (gees, the list goes on…let me put it this way, you wouldn’t be a happy camper if you were a Democrat with a sweet-tooth).
  • Republicans would eat at McDonalds and Burger King, while Democrats sipped coffee at Starbucks. (I guess some of this segregation has already started.)

Well, you get the point. Consumers would be segregated according to party preference. Eventually there would be Democrat and Republican malls, Democrat and Republican supermarkets, Democrat and Republican transport, etc. Thankfully, most Americans don’t want to further divide the country and Democrats and Republicans alike will still be able to share a meal of Big Macs and celebrate the purplish hue of Consumer America.


Blogger SpotlessMind said...

Is there any stats showing that Republicans are fatter than Democrats?

3:58 PM  
Blogger Sminklemeyer said...

pretty cool. how do you find all these cool stories all the time?

8:00 PM  
Blogger Chris said...


I found an interesting op-ed today in the NY Times. I thought you might enjoy. I don't know if you have read it or not, so I thought I would give you a link.

It goes back to the post you made a few days ago about tipping points. I think you brought up a very interesting and intelligent observation.

I do disagree still that the elections were the tipping point that will make Iraq safe, free, secure and all that good stuff, however. But when I read it, I thought of you:

8:54 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

I don't think my link worked. Anyway, it's a Thomas Friedman article in the Sunday NY Times.

Now a comment on this post.

I see your sarcasm here. It's a good post. I think consumeres are probably already divided anyways. I don't see many rich people shopping at Wal-Mart, usually just poor hillbilly's. But I do get your summary here and I agree.

Also, if you think about it, the most "liberal" or left-leaning, or whatever term fits today, people in the Congress are the richest.

Kerry, he isn't poor. Kennedy, not poor at all. Edwards, he has millions, he is poorer than the other two though.

It's weird how that works.

9:05 PM  
Blogger CaliValleyGirl said... Friedman's article. Interesting...actually, I first heard about The Tipping Point from a Colonel I started chatting with on the flight back to the US before Xmas. He was on his way home from Iraq. He was a really interesting guy, I think he had his masters in political science, he was stationed in Germany during the Cold War. Anyways, he said that "the tipping point" was coming in Iraq. That from his personal experience, he thought it was really close.

And he was right. I am not trying to pretend that everything is honky dorey and on track, but to quote that one Iraqi minister who incessantly repeated on CNN on Jan. 30th: this represents a paradigm shift.

9:20 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

I agree it's a shift, but I'm not convinced the elections are a tipping point.

I think Bush going to Europe and trying to make things right with our Allies constitutes much more of a tipping point than elections imposed by a foreign occupier.

I watched the Nightline episode in which Freidman and the author of the book were being interviewed. Even the author said he couldn't say for sure if the elections were a tipping point. Now on Nightline, Friedman said they were, but in his op-ed he says they were one of many. Which to me is more of a shift than something that is supposed to decidely distinguish how people view certain things.

Your tipping point post was very thought provoking. I thought it was cool. Keep it up.

1:59 AM  

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