Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Footage of the interrogation of a Syrian Intelligence officer

So I was surfing my favorite Arab Media site, Memri TV and found this clip: it is the interrogation of a Syrian Intelligence officer captured in Iraq.

In the clip, he says everything I want to hear: that Syria was already in Iraq before the US invaded. That Syria has been funding the terrorists there. And that their goal was to unite Syria and Iraq against the US, and make Iraqis hate the US.

I almost felt sorry for the guy. I say almost, because he was guilty of terrible crimes. However, unlike most of the others I have seen interrogated in these videos, he had a certain resignation. He knew that he was in the wrong, and unlike the others, you didn't have the sense that the only thing he regretted was being caught. You could see that he was tired, it was almost like he was glad that he had finally been caught.

Anyways...I love those interrogation videos. Yes, it is propaganda, but it is fighting fire with fire.


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