Friday, March 25, 2005

Wife to Rejoin Husband in Afghanistan: I Believe in a Thing Called Love!

When I first met my boyfriend, he introduced me to a friend of his, a fellow pilot who was married, but hadn’t been living with his wife since they married. They had met at flight school, but gotten married too late to arrange for the same orders. So they ended up in two different units, thousands of miles apart. They were going to have to wait three years for their orders to change, before they would be stationed together.

It was almost some sick humor that dictated she was sent with her unit to Afghanistan a year ago, and my boyfriend’s unit, along with her husband, was sent to Afghanistan this year to replace them. Her husband went with the advance group and she was one of the last of her unit to leave, so they at least had almost a month together in Afghanistan before she returned to her station.

Upon returning to her unit, her orders were finally changed so she could join her husband’s unit. So she will be moving to Germany in a few weeks. Although instead of waiting for him here in Germany, she will just be dropping off her household goods and will go back to Afghanistan probably as soon as the end of April. She has volunteered to go back, because she would rather be together with him Afghanistan, than spend another year apart. Isn’t that sweet and moving? Someone should write a story about them…like I did…lol.

I hereby dedicate, one of my favorite songs to her and her husband: The Darkness’ I Believe in a Thing Called Love.


Blogger erika said...

Hey, I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog so that I could find yours! I'm always looking for the blogs of other girls whose soldiers are deployed, and I'm happy to have yours now, too!

This story is so sweet, about the wife going to Afghanistan to be with her husband. It had me tearing up :-) Is your boyfriend in Afghanistan, too?

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