Saturday, March 05, 2005

I almost forgot to breathe when I read this...

I was just reading this post from another great mil-blogger. It is reminiscent of CB's post about a raid, but also completely different. Red2alpha also let's you inside his train of thought. Through his description you can really begin to sense the sheer fear and adrenalin and constant edginess of being on patrol or on a raid.

Here is an excerpt from another post of his:

I kept trying to look away from the fear but it's nearly impossible. It's like staring at the sun or a bright light, even after you look some where else or close your eyes the after image is there. Burned into you. For me it comes in waves, I'll be calm then nearly frantic with fear the entire time hoping none of it is showing on my face or in my actions. I know I'm not alone though. It comes out in the others in tight bursts of laughter, like being punched in the stomach, the way some will figet or refuse to make eye contact, or the false bravado that Soldiers use as a defense against everything. It's still there though.

He's good...real good.


Blogger Toni said...

Hey Cali - good milblogger. Thanks for the link.

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