Thursday, March 03, 2005

"Withholding the truth is the same as lying!"

-Julia Robert's character in Flatliners

I can't really remember much about that movie, all I can remember is that my brother used to screech that line, making fun of Julia Robert's dramatics in the movie. And it stuck in my mind.

After reading AC Blue Eagle’s comment about media ownership of the war in Vietnam and their desired ownership of the current situation in Iraq, I came across this post about differing reports of a protest in Hilla, Iraq, outside a medical clinic where a suicide car bomber killed 125 people a day earlier.

And I thought, how right AC is.

The BBC stills seems to be fighting for and holding onto its vision of Iraq, reporting a completely different version of events than the AP article. For the BBC it was a protest against the lack of security and directed against those who didn’t provide security, whereas the AP presented it as a protest against those who created the violence, emphasized by them chanting: "No to terrorism!"

But just the fact that the AP is reporting the whole story, and not editing to its liking, is encouraging. Pretty soon, BBC and its cohorts will have to tow the line too, otherwise they will be held with the same regard as the National Enquirer…wait, strike that, I LOVE the National Enquirer. Um, well, whatever…you get my point.


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