Monday, February 28, 2005

Frontline's A Company of Soldiers

Another annoying thing about living outside the States is missing all the great (along with the crappy) TV programs, that never make it across the Atlantic. I was just reading online about PBS' A Company of Soldiers. The New York Times critic said:

'A Company of Soldiers,' an excellent 'Frontline' documentary on PBS tonight, does not presage peace or quagmire in Iraq. Instead it casts a light, close up and unwaveringly, on how the occupation looked and felt to a small group of soldiers in a small outpost in southern Baghdad at a particularly violent period in November 2004. And that snapshot, of course, says more about the nature of war than any number of satellite photos and Pentagon briefings. With a bumpy night-vision lens, the filmmakers show just how unwieldy urban warfare is. They show how camaraderie hardens into love under fire and how violence, when it rains down out of nowhere, shocks and terrifies even the best-trained troops.'

I was really bummed out for about a minute, but then I found out that I can thankfully see it online, too! The full 90 minutes! Yay! So far I have encountered difficulties viewing it, but hope that it is only due to heavy traffic to the site, and that I will eventually be able to watch it.


Blogger Chris said...

I watched it on Tivo. It was very good. One of the best I have seen.

8:18 PM  

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