Thursday, March 24, 2005

Pictures from the boyfriend

Yesterday I got pictures from my boyfriend. Actually, I got them from his brother. We have kind of worked out a system, where we try to piece together all the info we get from my boyfriend through emails and phone calls, through the commander's emails, and info gathered from other spouses (this is potentially to create a bigger picture. His brother also makes an email newsletter which is forwarded to family and friends interested in what is happening in Afghanistan and what my boyfriend is up to.

Anyways, yesterday I saw my boyfriend for the first time since he left 4 weeks ago. It was just a snapshot that he took of himself. How I analyzed that picture: Has he gained weight? Wow, his eyes look bluer than ever! Look at the excitement in those eyes! And boy, is he pale!

There was also a shot of his room in a hut (yes, he has his OWN room...this is a definite improvement over the tents they lived in while in Iraq). Before leaving he sent over a mattress and a desk and chair. One of those integrated loft bed, with table underneath it set-ups. If I didn't know better, I would think that he was off at university and that was his dorm room!

Then there was also a picture of the mountains taken from the air. It's amazing how different things look, than you imagine. I mean, that could be the Rocky Mountains. It looks beautiful and I can understand why my boyfriend wrote me a few weeks back: "Have I told you yet, how much I love flying here?" Made my day! It makes my situation a little easier, when I know that he is enjoying doing his job.


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