Monday, April 18, 2005

German Southern Baptist?

This weekend I ran a half-marathon with some friends. We were in the refreshment area after the race eating bananas and drinking juice, when a German approached us, and started speaking English with us. He had run the race too, and was with his two sons. He explained that his younger son was in a hurry to get home, because he had to study for an English test that he had the next day. And so we chit-chatted a little with the friendly guy. I was with a German friend of mine, and an American stationed here in Germany. And suddenly our interlocutor asked me if I could read what was written on the back of his shirt. He turned around and it was a passage out of the Bible in German. And I thought, uh oh. Great. And then he started proselytizing and trying to drag us into a conversation about God. I decided this was a good moment to see if our two other fellow runners had made it over the finish line yet, so I told the guy that we had to get going. So as we three started to walk away, and already had our backs to the guy, he yelled out something.

I turned around and smiled at him, and walked away a little quicker. But that is something I will never forget. We were all baffled and cracking up about it. I mean, I think that will be something I will never again experience in my life: a German yelling “God Bless America!”


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