Wednesday, May 04, 2005

10 Weeks Ago Yesterday

Yesterday I read that Erika's soldier would be coming home for R&R at the end of May. Good news? Well, of course. But considering he put in for R&R in October and has only been gone a little over 2 months, him coming home now seems almost a little early. Instead of the R&R being almost smack in the middle of the deployment, it is at the beginning, making the time after R&R even longer.

My soldier told me that he wanted to place his R&R pretty late in the deployment, because it was always nice to have that to look forward to, but as soon as that was over, the rest of the deployment just kind of slowly crept by.

Yesterday marked 10 weeks since my boyfriend's departure to Afghanistan, which is just under 1/5 of a year, and only 3 weeks short of the 1/4 marker. And I have really gotten used to things now. Not to say that I don't miss him to bits, I do. It's just that I have gotten used to it.

If my boyfriend were to be coming home at the end of this month I am sure I would protest: "but you've only just left!"

It's all relative, I guess.

I just know that the time after R&R will probably be harder than the time before. But then I guess, we at least have the end of the deployment to look forward to. I also dread saying goodbye to him after R&R, but not as much as I rejoice about saying hello to him when he arrives!

Saturday I saw him on a webcam. I didn't think I wanted to. I thought it would be too sad for me to see him moving around reacting to things I said, without being able to touch him. But it was completely the opposite. I had forgotten how gosh-darned sexy the man is. And how his eyes crinkle at the edges when he smiles...oh, and his smile. I could have sat for hours just watching him. He was eating some chips that I had sent him in the mail. I found it fascinating to watch him eat, and typed him as much. So he did it all in slow motion for my benefit. I love it when he teases me. He was cracking me up by pretending to pick his nose and eat his boogers, flashing me his chest hair, and doing Zoolander and Dr. Evil impressions.

Oh, how I miss him.


Blogger Army Wife said...

R&R will go by FAST....but it is better to wait a while before taking it. When he is home for good, it will feel like you just him on R&R......I am glad he still has his humor, and can make you smile. That is great life lesson....

8:05 PM  
Blogger erika said...

Oh boy no kidding. I'm so very mad that the army pushed Matt's leave up so much, but from the army, I suppose I should expect nothing less. I am not looking to the 9 months I have to suck it up *after* our 2 weeks.

11:32 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

Just be glad you (er-well, your soldier lol) gets R & R. From one that went the last deployment without it and am getting back on the deployment train AGAIN in a few months (again, no R & R due to his job this time either), aint' the grandest of things. Whether they come home tomorrow or after six months, it's two weeks you would otherwise never have together. I'd give my right arm to get an extra two weeks with my husband - and he is home at the moment lol. He's just never REALLY home due to preparing to already head back. Lucky me LMBO.

Welcome to Army life I guess. 21 years down....and only FIVE more for us to go lol...

Hope the rest of your time apart goes quickly!

9:03 PM  

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