Friday, May 20, 2005


I met a friend for coffee earlier in the week. She was very excited, because she was flying today to Washington, DC, to visit her boyfriend for two weeks; he is living there for two years, researching for his doctorate. She hasn’t seen him since February. I couldn’t help, but get excited for her too, when she started bubbling about how she was wondering what she was going to wear, and what earrings, etc.

In a few months that will be me, too. I am going to get all excited about the moment of reunion: the butterflies in my stomach, my cheeks flushing, and hopefully not just turning into a bawling baby once I see him.

A few months before he deployed, the unit had a month of field training, and he was gone for over a month…which now seems like nothing. But at the time, one whole month, without seeing him, without knowing what was going on, and with minimal contact, was extremely difficult. And when we saw each other again after that one month, we were both almost…well, shy. I can remember sitting in the car with him, on the drive home from the train station, and just turning to him and the drama queen in me blurting out: “Oh my Gawd! How is it going to be after one year?” And we talked about what it was going to be like (I laugh at this now, because we had probably only been together barely 5 months, but we were talking about something that was about 16 months into the future). He said that everyone has butterflies in their stomachs, even the couples who have been married for years.

The butterflies are exciting. Today I will be thinking about my friend, about her arriving at Dulles International, walking through immigration and customs, and the anticipation growing, and finally passing through those doors to the greeting hall, and seeing her boyfriend, and those few awkward moments of hugging and tripping over each other in excitement. And I look forward to my future moments of awkwardness too.


Blogger Shannon said...

" He said that everyone has butterflies in their stomachs, even the couples who have been married for years."

Yep, he's right :).

Currently, my better half is in the field. The rule was no cell phones on this trip. So, for the first time since he returned from Iraq in August, we will go without talking to one another for a while. Just thinking about seeing him next week when he gets home gives me butterflies.

Two weeks is a blip in the grand scheme of Army life. Even so, there's never been a separation where I've not gotten the butterflies and feeling beside myself not being able to wait to see him no matter how short or long we've been apart.

It is what happens when you are in love :) and there is no better feeling in the world...

5:11 PM  
Blogger Teresa said...

How wonderful for her! I will keep my fingers crossed that all goes very well with the visit... butterflies and all. *grin*

12:21 AM  
Blogger Blaez said...

Butterflies never go away, no matter how many times you do it... I know its "not the same", but my husband use to work on the road all the time (Not a trucker but a IT tech working on Wal-Mart systems, etc) Sometimes he'd be gone for 2 days, sometimes (most of the time) 6 - 8 weeks (new stores, not upgrades) and always, the phone call "I'm on my way home" I couldn't sleep, I couldn't breathe, pacing around the house. Feeling sick to my stomach, the whole nine yards. Even to this day, he's now a Project Manager and stays home most of the time, when he goes out on Pilot sites (test sites) and he's gone for X amount of time, its still there. Those fluttering butterflies to keep me company.

CaliGirl, I've been reading your journal for a few days now, I found the link from another one I read. The emotions I feel when I read your journal, I can't describe. But I hope that you can feel my arms wrapping around and giving you a huge warm hug.

7:27 PM  
Blogger Household6 said...

Yes, even after being married for a few years you still get butterflies. I can't wait to see the hubby when he comes home for R&R.

I will probably be an utter dork and just sit next to him - just so that part of me an arm, my thigh, my foot is touching part of him.

All the time mind you I will be giggling either out loud or to myself that he's here that close within reach of me.


9:14 AM  

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