Monday, May 23, 2005

Taking advantage of my boyfriend's kindness

I spent the weekend at my boyfriend’s place. That’s one of the benefits of my man being gone for a year: I have a second residence. I call it my place in the countryside. He lives in a cute little German farming community, and his landlords are just darling. It’s always a pleasure going there, and being able to roam through his apartment, since I just have a small studio in the city.

Also he has loads of amenities that I can only dream of: like a washer and dryer. I have to lug my stuff to the laundrymat. So when I go to his place, I inevitably bring loads and loads of laundry. This time was no exception: I took one huge duffel bag and my backpacking rucksack containing bed sheets, towels, and clothes. The whole weekend long the washer and dryer were going. And Sunday I packed everything back into the bags, and loaded everything into the car.

I also took his toaster (mine is broken and he told me I could use his since he won’t be needing it for the whole year) and an extra Camelback he had lying around, since I can use it when I go running. And I just hoped his landlords weren’t looking out the window right then, otherwise they were going to think that I was clearing out his apartment.


Blogger Sarah said...

One time during the deployment Red 6's landlord saw me taking stuff out of his apartment and she flipped out. She thought he had been killed and I was taking care of business :)

7:33 AM  

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