Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Love and Infatuation

Recently I have been super goo-goo over my boyfriend. I always was to a certain extent, and I always thought it was mildly amusing, because I have never found anyone half as entertaining as I find him. I can literally sit for hours watching him, his mannerisms, his shy smiles, the way he laughs at himself, the way he laughs at me, the way he gets worked up about certain things, his stern face when we are arguing about politics and then just listening to his silly jokes.

And I know this isn't normal. And I sometimes say to him I really don't understand my infatuation with him, no offense intended to him, but it's like some little pixie has sprinkled fairy dust over me, because my boyfriend can practically do no wrong in my eyes.

I know that this whole spectrum of infatuation/dislike exists in relationships. And sometimes when you want to get out of a relationship, your partner really can do no good in your eyes. The way he walks, talks, reads the newspaper, everything is annoying.

And I think this same infatuation must exist for parents with their children, because that is the only explanation I can have for when parents look at their bratty kids, and think they are the most special people in the world and can never do any wrong. I guess they see those temper tantrums completely differently than the rest of the world does. They think: "awww, how cute...look at the determination on his face." And I think the next time I see a situation like that, I will observe it with a different attitude. Not acceptence, but perhaps knowing understanding...however, letting my boyfriend get away with renting a horrible movie is less annoying to other people than letting a child run around in a restaurant like it's a playground. So, I still consider my little infatuation harmless.


Blogger airforcewife said...

No, I think the way that some parents view their children is entirely different - at least from my perspective having to teach their kids, and having my own kids that are forced to behave in public under threat of horrible things.

I, too, look at my husband and think "He's so CUTE!" or various other things, some naughty and some nice.

But parents view their kids as an extension of themselves in a lot of ways, so if you point out a shortcoming in their kids, you are also pointing it out about them.

Kind of silly, but they internalize everything. If there is an admission that they have a little brat, they have to also admit they are not perfect parents and that someone might be doing the job better than they.

At least, this is what I've noticed.

2:36 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

Geez, CVG, this behavior is completely abnormal! Heehee...

I can say that because I'm just as bad. In the last five weeks, I've gone off the deep end. Scratch that...I may be beyond the deep end at this point. He can say the silliest thing to me, and I just sit there in awe of Him like He just finished painting the Sistine Chapel.

I am a gusher, and I'm proud of it!

3:30 AM  

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