Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Ghraib Danger

I used to love Dagger JAG, but he stopped posting last year. But today I found a new JAG blog, Ghraib Danger (via Mike) .

My favorite post right now is his description of the Iraqi Criminal Justice System. Apparently, in a foreign fighter trial, even the defense lawyer didn't help his defendant much:

Not even the "defense counsel" plays along. Case in point: being a foreign fighter is a huge crime in Iraq. They don't want jihadists from Syria and Saudi Arabia coming into their country and starting shit. Anyway, the US is presenting evidence against an Egyptian foreign fighter at the investigative hearing, and as evidence, the JAG introduces a photocopy of the guy's Egyptian passport, to prove he's from another country. The guy denies that it's him in the picture, because it's a photocopy and there was an off chance it wasn't him. Well HIS defense counsel quickly cleared that up. He took the picture, examined it for a second, and looked straight at his defendant, and said in front of the judge, God, and everyone else, "Oh yeah, this is you." Apparently, even the Iraqi defense counsels don't like foreign fighters.

That post was also packed with loads of legal details that made me thankful for my legalese expertise thanks to hours of watching Law and Order.

Anyways, I had to just drag myself away from his blog, because he has loads of stories that remind me of the kind of things I would hear when sitting in the communal living room at hostels while backpacking. Not totally wild stories, but just well told personal experiences, and you keep on wanting to hear another, because these people had been places you had never been before, and might never get to see.


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