Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Sick with anticipation

Being so completely absorbed in my thesis for the last few weeks, and its seemingly unendingness, I had completely lost all sense of the passage of time unassociated with the completetion of my thesis.

And today a friend mentioned the flow of R&R visits home that have started in earnest now. The anticipation that grows once you know that your significant other is coming back soon is an amazing thing. You learn about 2 weeks beforehand of the approximate time he or she will be returning. And you have those two weeks to get things in order, and prepare and anticipate your hero's return.

It's similar to fasting before a long anticipated meal. The hunger grows until it is almost unbearable, and you get almost sick with excitement. Not even believing that your anticipation will eventually be satiated.

And my friend asked: "So how much longer until your man comes back?" And I said....oooh, not for a long time. But that's not true: somehow during all the stress of the thesis, cursing the speed of the passing days, the time that was going at such a sluggish speed before, had also slowly ticked by.

And I realized that soon enough, in just over a month or so, I, too, will be sick with anticipation.


Blogger Umhakima said...

I am happy that you are so close to your reunion! I hope the time flies until you are together again, then that is slows down so you can enjoy each other.

8:37 PM  
Blogger Household6 said...

Ahhh CVG, I am glad that it's getting so close for you. It makes me smile knowing you will get to cuddle. Good karmic vibes are being sent your way. :-)

AKA Miss Stella

9:14 AM  

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