Saturday, October 15, 2005

Bonuses for teachers based on students' test results

Teaching is an admirable job, but really in America, often quite underpaid. But considering the results many schools have, you are getting what you pay for. So the idea of giving teachers bonuses according to their students' testing results seems like a great idea. I wonder what arguments are going to be raised against this successful incentive program eventually?


Blogger Girl on the Blog said...

My mother and best friend are both teachers... I totally agree with the "underpaid" remark. I actually do think giving teachers bonuses is a great idea. BUT... it is really sad that they have to get bonuses to make them reach the pay they should be getting in the first place. I live in a town that has the lowest paid teachers in the state of TN. We are not the poorest town... we are actually a booming little town. It is sad that my mother has to buy all decorations and equipment for her classroom... The state of TN spends all their money on the roads... Heaven forbid we have crappy roads... so lets take the money from our children’s education to make the roads look better... whatever!!!

By the way... SGT HOOK is back to blogging... just incase you didn't know!

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Blogger unknownchum said...

A potential objection, valid in my opinion, is that if teachers are paid based on test results, they will be virutally forced teach to the test. Surely this option does not seem appealing. Plus, some aspects of teaching quality cannot be objectively measured by tests.
An acquaintance of mine is teaching English literature at a public high school in a teacher shortage area, and after a few months of the job, he has decided he will not be a highschool teacher: Rather than being given the opportunity to meet his students where they are, he is instructed to teach them specific material for testing purposes, and he finds it insurmountably frustrating.
One of the main reasons I am not even considering a career in high school teaching is that I know I couldn't stand teaching under such circumstances.

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Blogger CaliValleyGirl said...


Good point.

However, I would hope that they could still tweek around this incentive program and make it work for both the students and the teachers, so that the kids aren't just prepped. It's still a good idea, even if it's still imperfect.

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