Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I have been spending a lot of time at my boyfriend’s lately. For an array of reasons among them: to spend time with him, and to better study as he lives in the boondocks far from the distractions of civilization.

It’s been interesting. We are essentially “playing house.” It’s almost like we are a married couple, without being one. He gets up in the morning to go to work. I sleep a few more hours. Because the unit is moving and there isn’t much flying going on for the last few weeks, he has made it home usually before noon every day. We go grocery shopping together, clean house together, cook and eat dinner together. It’s all very domestic.

And I realize how much further along we are now as a couple, than before he deployed. When he left, we had barely known each other for 8 months. And now we have been together over 2 years. It’s seems like less. I guess, because he wasn’t physically present for a year of that.

But sometimes I think back to how different things were then. We both wanted it to work, but knew that it would take a real commitment to each other, a lot of trust and good communication. Part of me knew it would all work out, but there were times when it was so difficult, so frustrating, that I wondered if it would.

It is so amazing how so much more confident I am about things now, than I was before. And I am sure this is a reflection of my boyfriend’s behavior towards me, too. I feel that he has also become more confident in our relationship. It’s always difficult to see things from their perspective, but I am sure that it wasn’t easy for him to trust that I would be waiting here for him.

So, to anyone out there, on the cusp of a deployment or plodding through one, wondering how things will work out, all I can say is to jump, make the leap of faith. It will be hard, you will sometimes curse yourself for putting yourself into such a situation (as if you could have avoided falling in love with your significant other). But after the whole ordeal it is worth it, because it is a great basis for any future endeavor as a couple.

P.S. Did I mention that I am baking a pecan pie right now? How very domestic of me.

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