Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Boat dog

Practicing her wake surfing skills

Leading the way

Showing her swim skills

Being portayed to shore and back like a little princess

Chilling with Mom in the water

Sitting pretty

Just like Sarah sometimes worries that her blog is becoming the knitting blog, I fear mine has become the puppy blog. We took Susie out on the lake this weekend, and she really enjoys it. We have been taking her since she was just over 3 months, so she is an old pro at this by now. She leaps from the boat onto the dock. And she is starting to get more secure in the water. We will be investing in a dog float vest now that she is approaching full size.


Blogger airforcewife said...

Awwww - I wish Ike liked to swim! That looks like such fun!

11:09 PM  
Blogger Nicole said...

Don't worry...my blog has been a puppy blog for almost two years! Susie is a pretty girl! Her coat is so shiny! It's amazing how dogs in the lab/retriever family grow so quickly...one minute a puppy, the next a real dog. :)

12:33 AM  
Blogger Only $19.95 said...

Puppies are great! I am sure that no one will mind if that's all you do talk about -- as long as you keep talking! Miss you!

4:24 AM  
Blogger Stacy Kaye said...

Awww...so cute! Don't worry, I think people's blogs can be about whatever they want them to be! She's ADORABLE!!!

4:30 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Ha, I forgot to tell you: Charlie is ridiculous scared of the water. At my uncle's house, he was freaked out to walk on the dock and to go within three feet of the water. Heh.

11:38 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

Oh my God! I love her! How adorable; thanks for sharing the pictures.

8:10 PM  

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