Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Beautiful Photo Essay

I spent the last 10 minutes getting teary-eyed while looking at the 2005 Pulitizer Prize winner for Feature Photography:

Awarded to Deanne Fitzmaurice of the San Francisco Chronicle for her sensitive photo essay on an Oakland hospital’s effort to mend an Iraqi boy nearly killed by an explosion.

The photos are beautiful, bittersweet, heartwarming and uplifting all at once. And the photo essay is kind of like film boards of a family's struggle after a horrific event. You'll need tissues, though.

Update: has a whole section called Operation Lion Heart, with the story and more pictures about the family. There is even a video clip of a news piece about the father and son, and there is an interview with Saleh.


Blogger Ahmad said...

Beautiful. Thank you for the link.

1:42 PM  
Blogger neurotic_wife said...

I sure needed those tissues. Thanx for providing the link. I just have one question, do you by any chance have any clue how we can help this family?

2:08 PM  

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