Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Mujahideen Pysch-Ops Video

This was amusing. Really. The Anti-Iraqi Forces (I just learned that new term a few days ago) have a media arm now. The propaganda clip is a plea to Americans. It's not beheadings or anything. It tries to portray the resistance in the most glorious of terms. Really, watch out Michael have got competition. And the quality is not that bad...I mean, they had a graphic artist do some work on creating a logo.

It's really strange though, the guy who is speaking in the video has a strange's hard to place. I would go with Dutch.

And his script was obviously written by someone who is an English native speaker.

Basically, it tells us that we have to overthrow our corrupt government that is just using us.

The script is very interesting, and makes a lot of familiar claims: Iraq is radioactive and will remain so for millions of years...and Iraq was safer under a dictatorship...and thousands of soldiers are dying in Iraq fighting for America, but they only hold green cards, and their bodies are dumped and never reported back home and they are taking the brunt of this fight.

Fascinating stuff...not those fabrications, but the fact that they are attempting pyschological operations.


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