Thursday, May 05, 2005

Ann gets shocked

Okay, I don't really like Ann Coulter. There seriously might be nothing wrong with her, but I have never been able to listen to her long enough to change my opinon. She seems arrogant and dismissive, and I don't have much respect for her. Having said that she is pretty hot, and her looks serve her well. However, I must question her choice of clothing in this pic.

She just bugs me for some reason. I mean, perhaps it's because I get the feeling that she uses her looks more than her brains (just says a few bigs words, then flips her hair and flashes a butt cheek), but then again, maybe I am just jealous of her long legs and gorgeous hair.

I digress. I was visiting Little Green Footballs today, and they had a post about some guy who disrupted Ann Coulter’s speech at UT-Austin, and a link to Daily Kos (whom I also can't stand...him and Ann making out would make me wretch) with an open letter by the speech disrupter himself. And I found it highly entertaining, I might not agree with the guy and I really don't like people busting in on other people' parties...however, I do have to admire his stance:

No wonder hippies get such a bad rap nowadays; protestors today might as well be ornaments on the Rightmobile. When I want someone to know I'm pissed off, I'm going to throw down and give them a good sh*t-ruining. I wanted to show Ms. Coulter that people are down if she wants to hold a circle-jerk, but we're not gonna do it her way. Not me, at least.


Blogger katiedid said...

Thanks for the links - I'd not heard of this, and it's interesting to be able to read the guy himself's explanation of what he was thinking and what went on. I'm rather mystified still why he did some of what he did, but I'm more mystified why he was arrested, and why he was arrested in the way he was. Now I can see him being escorted out after the obscene hand gestures, but arrested? Reminds me of here in Portland when Bush had what was supposed to be a public rally, and some veterans showed up who happened to not be supporters. They were at first barred from the event, and then were taken away in cuffs when they tried in vain to show the police that they had tickets. They didn't even do anything obscene - they just demanded entry. (I admit I may have gotten more upset over than than I might have if they had not been veterans.) Sigh. All this polarizing of the political process, and fracturization of our ability to see ourselves as parts of a whole, seems to be leading us to do and say some strange things to one another.

Anyhow, thanks for that post. Very thought provoking.

1:17 AM  
Blogger Teresa said...

Ann Coulter is what I call a bomb thrower. She will say just about anything to get an argument going. She argues a bit better in print than she does live - at least when I've heard her talk. But even so, any good message she might have - tends to be completely obscured by the more outrageous stuff. She can be very funny and she can make some extremely good cutting points. But really what she wants is to argue and have everyone watch or go up against her. It's too much work for me. *grin*

6:31 AM  

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