Thursday, May 05, 2005

When a woman loves a man...

When your boyfriend is gone for a loooong time, you end up spending a lot of time talking about him. You talk about him with people who have met him, and people who have never met him. You will show them pictures.

You basically become almost like a proud mother. And like a proud mother you always have to tell cute anecdotes about their silly behavior.

Tonight I was chatting with a friend, saying how ridiculously funny my boyfriend can sometimes be, without trying. I do a lot of laughing AT him.

For example, his humor has kind of a delayed reaction sometimes. He'll crack a joke about something that happened 2 minutes earlier, when such a joke would have perhaps been funny in the 10 seconds following the incident. Two minutes later it just elicits hysterical howls from me, about my boyfriend's lack of comedic timing. Sometimes I let him think I am laughing at his joke, but most of the time my eye rolling gives me away.

But another favorite is boy logic. And my boyfriend certainly has loads of boy logic, and it wins me over every time. Once while we were discussing something, he said: Hey, did you hear about blah, blah, blah? And I replied: Of course. I was the one who told you about that. And he says: no you didn't. Me: Uh, huh. Him: No, I heard it on radio at work (or some similarly flimsy attempt at "proof"). Me: Dude! I can remember the exact moment I told you about that. We were in the car, and such and such intersection. Him: Ooooooh, you told me while I was driving...that doesn't count. Me: (speechless...rolling on the floor in a fit of laughter).

Finally after regaining my composure I said: Does this mean you have no recollection of any conversation we have ever had while you were driving?

He smiled and said, yes, while nodding. He was going to go down with the ship for that one.

I just kissed him for that.

Boys are so cute.

You know how some gushing mothers can be very annoying to others, because they are oblivious to others lack of interest in Junior's newest antics? Well, gushing girlfriends and wives are the same. And I hope I never grow out of this and he always gives me reason to roll my eyes, but secretly rejoice in his silly behavior.


Blogger Sue said...

I do the same. My desk at my new job is adorned with photos of him and I'm just waiting for someone to ask so I can gush. =)

Boy logic, LOL! My biggest laugh comes from his inability to figure out the time difference between there and here. 10 hours - you'd think it was easy but he can never seem to get it right. I find it endearing though!

4:43 AM  

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