Monday, June 06, 2005

War as a Recruitment Filter for the Military

The media is fond of blasting out numbers of how the military is not reaching its recruiting goals, however what they fail to see is that the men and women who sign up for the military now have no illusions about the military and are very conscious of the sacrifice they are making. I found this great post via Toni.

War is the greatest filtering process the military could ever unintentionally undergo. If someone decides that he or she does not want to join the Marine Corps or Army during a time of war – I say “great!” Maybe these heavily combat-orientated branches of the military weren’t the right decision for that individual to begin with. Make way for the recruit behind you who is willing to go to war.


the kids that join now know what they are going to be doing after they join and they have a deep and profound sense of sacrifice (whether for personal gain and college or for country) that leads them to make a decision to join the military. And there is no doubt that in our society that teaches no personal responsibility and continues to build generations of people that depend on handouts, that there are not enough young men and women willing to pay a price for freedom or even for that matter pay a price for the education and training that the military provides. But the ones that do...


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