Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A few degrees of separation

I love finding posts about Big Windy from other bloggers, like this one:

As Big Windy, the name of our airboat roared to life, I can truly say that I was filled with dread, excited and scared. Dread because of the unknown that lay ahead, excited to get off of BAF, and scared because the Taliban likes to shoot down Chinooks.


After another hour of flight we hit the ground at an undisclosed site a bona fide hot spot you could tell by the way everyone moved with a purpose, it was like, let’s get this shit our of the cargo hold as quick as possible and get the fuck out of here, our crew chief had mentioned before we left the longer we are on the ground the longer we are a target. The ammo and other equipment was unceremoniously dumped out of the back of the copter with all of us helping to load it into the trucks and humvees that mysteriously appeared out of nowhere driven by bearded men in shorts and flip flops.

Another interesting peek into the world my boyfriend never really talks about.

He has a few other good posts with pics too. (Well, it's not really his blog, but he has a great friend who posts his emails and pics on her blog.)


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