Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Terrorists are terrorists

I have a weakness for women's magazines. Cosmo, Glamour, Allure, etc.

I actually interned one summer at a woman's mag, and that cured me from ever wanting to work at one. They are essentially brain-candy. Fun, but not something you would want to nourish your brain with longterm.

In the July issue of Glamour, there is a little piece about Marla Ruzicka. And it annoyed me a bit. This sentence to be exact:

Ruzicka was killed on April 16, when a bomb intended for a convoy of contractors exploded near the car she was riding in.

The author of the piece makes it sound like the bomb was some kind of stray bullet that hit innocent victims, almost implying that had the bombers known that Marla was in that car they wouldn't have blown themselves up. This was a huge car bomb, designed to kill or maim as many people as possible, and to scare the rest. Terrorist don't care who they kill, as they have proven time and again by blowing up women and children.

The article almost seems to indicate that Marla's death was a tragic mistake, and not the result of the barbarism of the terrorists.


Blogger lady politician said...

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Blogger erika said...

I read that article too, and was also a little irritated by it. :-P

(military bride)

12:38 AM  

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