Thursday, August 18, 2005

Saddens me

I was reading Neurotic Iraqi Wife's latest post...and it is just sad. Depressing. A few months ago she was a newlywed anxious to join her husband in the Greenzone. And now she is there, and all her hopes and dreams seem to have vanished somewhat. It is gutwrenching to read that someone went from this:


to this:

Now all I can think about is going away, leaving, packing my bags and never coming back.


What does this whole reconstruction mean when you cant even go out and enjoy it. I look at peoples eyes and theres no lustre, its filled with sadness and hopelessness, even me, when I used to see that before, I would try to make them feel better by saying things will change, just give it time, now I dont even dare say these words, for I dont believe in them myself.

I really haven't much to say here, other than, many people in the United States don't understand the meaning of sacrifice. Sacrificing material comforts, sacrificing the lives of loved ones, sacrificing time. We are such an incredibly wealthy country, that we are at war, and we hardly even feel it.

Even with increased gas prices, people keep on trucking. Years ago it was prophesized that when oil prices hit over $60 bucks a barrel it would lead to a crisis...well, we are way over that now...somewhere around $67...and other than commenting on how expensive gas is, the general population doesn't seem to be too affected.

I am not saying that we have to hurt...I am just saying that most of us don't even have an inkling of what Iraqis and soldiers are experiencing, and never will. Just like most of us will never know what true hunger feels like, nor truely being without heating for long periods of time in winter, and without respite from the heat in summer. Or what it feels like to fear for your life every minute of the day. And we will never know.

And it is so hard for me to say, we have to stomach this fight, when I am not the one stomaching it. But the alternative, giving into those terrorizing Iraqis, is a nightmare I can't even begin to imagine.


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Blogger Teresa said...

The real problem is that she has no point of reference except what she knows from being in the US. She wasn't there when Saddam was there, she hasn't had to face depravation or danger (not on that scale) here, and she's only in one small place in an entire country... It puts your perspective way out of whack.

She had an idea in her head of what things would be like. They aren't like that - even remotely - and yes that is a very depressing thing. I think we can blame Hollywood for some of that. Everything is solved in 2 hours and all are happy... In real life things are never solved, they evolve, and there are many unhappy people. I feel very badly for her.

3:36 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Good post CVG. I have updated on my site a sort of open thread forum about your comment on my site and now this new post on yours.

I think you know better than most my stance about Iraq. But something is weird right now with me. I actually support this war now more than ever. I don't think this war turned into anything any of us expected, not even those who have been totally against it all along. I think all of us are grieving for this war.

9:25 PM  

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