Thursday, August 18, 2005

Yes, another post about my boyfriend

So we are nearing the 6 month mark of the deployment…and I am looking back and thinking of the highlights so far:

Getting to know more about military life through the FRG and meeting more military wives than before he left.

Getting his huge apartment all to myself whenever I felt the urge.

That includes the TV remote.

And DVD player.

And video player.

And his YETI. (Okay…so I haven’t taken it out yet…but you want to know what he did when he bought it? Well, he rides with clips, and I don’t…so he got pedals with a platform and clips…so that when I am there I can use that bike, and he would use his old bike…now tell me that ain’t true love?)

Seeing my boyfriend for the first time on a webcam.

Watching him eat the chips I had sent him in a care package.

Watching my boyfriend become a faster typer.

Laughing at my boyfriend’s sudden discovery of the power of exclamation marks…and their subsequent overuse.

Laughing at my boyfriend’s use of “omg” while chatting.

Realizing that my boyfriend might just be clowning me all the time.

Typing something really naughty into messenger, and then seeing someone walk into his room behind him…and watching the sheer terror in his eyes, as he tried to make the messenger scroll so as to avoid massive embarrassment caused by girlfriend’s naughty banter. (Obviously closing the chat window was not an option…that would reveal a weakness to fellow soldiers.)

Okay, there are loads of other things. Tiny things, and huge things. But mostly just realizing that we are closer now, than before he left. It’s so ironic.

Sometime in September, he should be coming home on R&R. When I travel between Germany and the US, I always see someone flying home on R&R, or flying back afterwards. I can’t help but get a little teary-eyed when I see that. And it’s surreal for me to think that when my boyfriend will fly home, that someone else will see him, and think the very same thoughts that I am thinking. But this time it will be MY soldier. And someone else will say: “oh, a soldier flying home for R&R.”


Blogger Heidi said...

I love reading your blog . . . the last line really got to me. I lost my husband in Iraq and when I see soldiers in their DCUs at DFW it really saddens me but the pride is there. I have so wanted to say something to each of them but my emotions always get the best of me. I wish you boyfriend a safe journey home for R&R . . . enjoy EVERY minutes of it!

6:12 PM  
Blogger AlliCadem said...

Ok Grrrl...
I just got my DCUs. Heading for the Sandbox. Never thought it would happen to me, but here we go.... I'll continue to blog! I missed you while you were gone. Feel like I got a little connection with you - between the Cali and the Germany and the military....

Wish me luck!

2:58 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

How cute. We drove by his post the other day and I thought of you two. Can't wait to meet him someday.

(Hi, Heidi...)

9:58 AM  
Blogger HookersGirl said...

*sigh* Iam so excited for you girl, and you know that ;-) Wish you guys a lot of fun*grin* and some endless moments! Don't forget to do some pics!! Can't wait for the guys coming back so we all go out together, seems surreal thinking about that right now. But hey we hit the 6 month mark, didn't we!!!! Send you a big hug..

3:11 AM  

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