Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I've been tagged....yay!

I saw this tag at WaltonCad and was feeling all dejected, because no one had tagged me. And then I went to AlliCadem's and, happy happy joy joy, she had tagged me. So exciting!

Seven Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
1. Open a bakery
2. Cycle across America...but slowly, taking in all the sights
3. Have babies...lots... (painlessly, please...a girl can dream, come on)
4. See them all grow up and lead fulfilling lives
5. Go backpacking again when I am retired...I always thought it would be cool to go backpacking, but have loads of money. I mean, you could get the single room in a hostel, and you could dine at good restaurants, but you would still have the freedom of jumping from place to place at your whim.
6. Go to the Kentucky Derby with my mom and drink mint juleps and pretend it's Ascot and wear big hats
7. Fly on a Chinook, dammit...

Seven Things I Can Do:
1. Cycle for hours on stretch, uphill, downhill, with luggage, without luggage...I don't care.
2. bake chocolate chip cookies that are so good, you'd think there was crack in them
3. shrink clothes (it has its benefits: my bf is not so willing to let me do his laundry, and when I do, I get these great shrunken wool socks that are perfect for CaliValleyGirl's feet )
4. Talk...yeah, I can run my trap for hours
5. Organize other people to help me in difficult tasks...tee hee.
6. Spend hours chatting online with my boyfriend while he is deployed...versus when he is here, constantly forcing him to "go do something" and not just loll around. (I think the deployment has taught me appreciation for lolling with my bf.)
7. Change a tire on a car (Remind me to keep the spare pumped up though.)

Seven Things That I Cannot Do:
1. More than one push up...okay, I can do a push-down
2. Dance...I would just love to be able to dance like Shakira, dammit! Or that cadet. (I swear, that clip will NEVER get old for me.)
3. Watch just ONE episode of CSI on DVD. and call it a's got to be all 4 in a row.
4. Snow Ski really well...slalom. My version of slaloming is snow-plowing really fast.
5. Surf
6. Kill spiders...except on rare occasions, if I feel threatened...but otherwise they are practially pets now.
7. Repair the cold water tap in my kitchen...I only have hot water in the kitchen...for the last 2 years.

Seven Things That I Say A Lot:
1. Dude!
2. Okay...
3. Anyways...
4. Whatever (followed by Dude, on occasion)
5. You're sh*tting me!
6. Ooooh, that just burns my toast. (I am trying to get that into my vocabulary, because my bf says it to express extreme aggravation about something...and I just find it so endearing.)
7. WTF?

Seven Things I Find Attractive In A Male: (I am obviously describing my boyfriend here)
1. Sense of humor
2. Putting up with me (that's pretty high on the list)
3. Modesty/Understatement (I don't have it, so I find it attractive)
4. A sense of pride and accomplishment in everything he does
5. Good relationships with his family and friends
6. A smile that lights up his whole face
7. And a real nice butt (lol...flat counts as nice...)

Seven Celebrity Crushes:
1. Nick Stokes and Grissom (okay, they are just characters from CSI)
2. Paul Walker (go see the skin flick "Into the Blue" stars Paul Walker's body, alongside Jessica Alba's)
3. Tom Hanks
4. Reese Witherspoon...ever since Legally Blonde...*sigh*
5. Vincent D'Onofrio...see, I love his character on Law and Order: Criminal Intent so much, that it transfers over into reality
6. Nathaniel Fick...okay he isn't a celebrity yet, but I am so loving One Bullet Away
7. Sgt. Rudy Reyes, also not yet a celebrity, but give him time...he featured prominently in Generation Kill and is also mentioned in One Bullet Away...hawtie...

I don't want to burden seven people with this tag, because last time I did, I felt so if you want to, please by all means, feel tagged, and please tell me so I can check it out.


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LOL - I didn't tag anyone when it came my way because I thought everyone had been tagged. *grin* Great answers!

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