Thursday, October 20, 2005

I can relate...

when AlliCadem so eloquently disses Oprah:

DUDE. I used to love Oprah when she was fat and insecure. She seemed so real. Now? Whatever.


She's been rich and powerful waaay longer than she was poor and abused. I hate it when she tries to talk like she can relate. I know that Oprah has done marvelous things for people. I know that she is a real role model for women and especially women of color, but shutthef*ckup already! I remember when she had Chris Rock on. Oh, it's been years ago, I guess, but she goes, "Isn't it great to be rich? What was the first thing you did once you got money? OH ME TOO! I fixed my teeth! Whooo hoo!" Kiss my ass Oprah.

Having said that...I am a whore for the Oprah Show, I will totally drop everything to watch it, given the chance.


Blogger Girl on the Blog said...

I use to be a, if I may use your terminology, "Whore" for the Oprah show... Now I am more of a "Whore" of the Ellen Show and Dr. Phil... I agree with AlliCadem... shutup already Oprah!!! The Tom Cruise jumping on the sofa did it for me...

5:18 AM  
Blogger Teresa said...

I've never really understood the appeal of Oprah. I admire what she has accomplished - it wasn't a cake walk to build an empire... but I can't stand her show, it makes me want to gag. Her magazine at the checkouts makes me laugh. Not too good a track record for someone who supposedly is oozing compassion... It's all just too much.

2:55 AM  

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