Friday, October 28, 2005

Weird weather

My biggest complaint about Germany is the weather. Otherwise I think the country is perfectly nice, and really enjoy living here. It's just the 9 months of winter that get on my nerves. However sometimes the weather is just exceptional. Sometimes there are breezey warm summer days (inevitably followed by a 65 degree day, mid-July....just nuts).

You just don't expect them at the end of October.

Today it's going to be almost 70 degrees. This is just crazy...I mean last week I was wearing gloves and a scarf during the day.

Finally we are getting our summer here in Germany!


Blogger ac blue eagle said...

I spent two years in Germany, one summer in Kassel (or near there) and one in Frankfurt. Kassell? We had three days of summer, the rest cold and rainy. Frankfurt, pleasant, mild.
Should you go to Frankfurt, let me know I can tell you some interesting places to visit, includng the Jewish Museum of Frankfurt.

4:01 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

Reminds me of our four long years in Fairbanks, AK at Fort Wainwright. There are two seasons - winter and construction LMBO!

Dark all day, 50 below - and yes it is a DRY cold lolol!

12:36 AM  
Blogger waltoncad said...

We had 6 weeks of snow every day last winter in Stuttgart!! TOTAL heat wave there in summer 03 and NOOooo summer at all in 05. Glad to hear things haven't changed!

7:00 AM  

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