Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Polls crack me up. I find them interesting to a certain extent, but most of the time, unless the poll is about me and my behavior (never known one of those though), I just shrug my shoulders. It's not like I read it and think, "gee, I am in the minority here, I should change my beliefs."

Dilbert Blog sums it up best:

You’ve probably noticed that opinion pollsters go out of their way to include as many morons as possible in surveys. That’s called a representative sample. And what it means is that the opinion of Einstein, for example, counts as much as the opinion of the guy who thinks The Family Circus comic is sending him secret messages via Little Billy.[...]

My point, if I can remember it, is that it’s dangerous to inform morons about what their fellow morons are thinking. It only reinforces their opinions. And the one thing worse than a moron with an opinion is lots of them.[...]

The only polls I want to see are ones that exclusively includes the people in the top .01% of intelligence who are also highly informed on whatever topics the polls include. Let’s call those people the Well-Informed Super Geniuses. If most of the people in that group have the same opinion, and it’s different from mine, I’m willing to change my opinion.


Blogger Bluesman said...

Well, you know, it is called Democracy when every single opinion counts as much as the other.
There are three things about polls that cross my mind right now:

- they are like statistics and you will always find a number to support your point of view

- there are way to many polls and way too many polls about things you do not want to know anything about

- politicians use polls too often to emphacize that the majority is supporting them

Oh, here is a fourth: More and more polls are not represantative at all as simple voting on TV or online is called a poll.

10:42 PM  
Blogger Girl on the Blog said...

"Well-Informed Super Geniuses"... I wonder if I fall in this category... (I guess if I have to wonder about it... then I guess I am not)... :)

4:44 AM  

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