Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Let's call him fluffy, not fat

It’s been ages since I last posted.

But I decided it was time to post some update pics on the progeny. So the kid is HUGE! I mean, ginormous! He almost doubled his birth weight by 2 months: from 7lbs 5oz to 14lbs 1 oz. Here is a good comparison shot: the babe at 8 weeks vs. 1 week in his life vest.

I have been trying to keep up with his Olympian eating efforts. I am jealous of all those mothers who over-produce…I am making the bare minimum…no milk bank for me…I bought a pack of freezer bags for the milk, and many bottles…but I have never had more than 2 bottles in the fridge, so I actually had to return the Medela bags to Babies ‘R Us. Sad…Reason for returning, please: *sniff* I don’t milk enough milk to actually store. The woman looked at me like that was TMI. Well, sheesh, don’t ask then…

I drink loads of water, the occasional beer, I eat a lot...but still, my cups doth not overfloweth!

And babies who eat a lot, poop a lot. Twice a day or more sometimes...although he has been known to go 2 days without pooping as well. Oh, gees, I can not believe I am actually blogging about my baby's poop...oh, Lord, I have become one of THOSE mothers...*sigh*

Okay, here is another embarrassing thing to blog about: fat babies have rolls...in fact, our baby has no discernable neck...so he has skin folds...which have to be cleaned often, otherwise they get really cheesy smelling...not nice...I was totally on top of the neck cheese...and when the child was about 4 weeks old, and my husband and I were joking about cleaning the skin flap, he innocently asked me: do you clean behind his ears? Um...hmmm...I don't pay special attention, no. So we pull his ears forward...*gasp*...total cream cheese...I was mortified. My husband said at first it looked gangrenous. I never read books about how to clean a baby, figuring that it should be a no-brainer: I just took the baby in the shower with me, because that was the easiest. I still do…but now, I know that I need to pay real special attention to the neck, ear and thigh roll areas…

Once again, babies are amazingly resilient. We are lucky he still has ears.

The best thing about him being so chubby, is that he is really huggable and squeezable. I am constantly kissing and hugging him to me, and he is already pulling away and scrunching up his eyes and twsiting his face away like any good little boy is supposed to do when his mother is trying to shower him with loving!