Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So all those things that my mom did to me when I was growing up...well, I am doing them with my kid.

Case in point: I bought the boy a winter suit: it's one of those zip up down suits from Columbia sports...not cheap...$50...but perfect for the backpack or stroller...he's 5 months old...I got him size 12 to 18 months. Yeah, I figured, this way, he might even fit into it next winter as well!

Doesn't matter that he looks like a star-fish and his feet and hands are about 3 inches from the ends of the legs and arm holes...he'll be warm and he will be able to get a lot of use out of this, doesn't matter what he looks like!

Luckily he can't talk back yet...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Civil Discourse

Going through the recent election season (phew, am I glad that is over!) I became aware of this disconnect and wanted to have a discussion of sorts on my blog.

This is how I see things: I see the government as a servant to the people: it is not there to tell us what to do, but to do our bidding. That is why we have an election: we choose who is going to do the work, according to what those candidates say they think is important to get done.

I see the President of the US as the leader of the government, and the person we have chosen to represent us. We have willingly given him a certain amount of power (of attorney) to act on our behalves (is that proper grammar?). Although he (or possibly one day she) has this power, I don’t feel that they have power OVER us, and neither should the rest of the government, unless we have violated some code. The government is of the people, by the people, for the people.

So for me, it is hard to understand how this now turns around in the government demanding that certain people pay more money. And yes, that is how I see this whole talk of the wealthier paying a higher percentage of taxes.

We all live in a society together, but it seems like this society is so huge and far removed from each other that people feel comfortable talking disparagingly about fellow citizens and making generalizations without ever having met them.

You have Palin’s comments about “real America” vs. I guess, fake America? Whereas I can understand what she meant (I think many people feel that the “heartland” of America is being forgotten in favor of more urban areas), rural Arkansas is no more real than Manhattan. I will digress here, but I was thinking that when they made the electoral college it was meant to balance out the power between larger states and smaller states, and now I sometimes wonder if the power needs to be balanced between rural areas and urban areas?

You have Joe Biden making disparaging comments about Joe the Plumber on Leno. I was reading the comment section here:

And found these comments:

That was a politically idiotic statement for Biden to make. He must not be aware of the leagues of unlicensed contractors and handymen who work out of their pickups all over the country, and vote. That's akin to telling them they aren't good enough. Smooth as always, Joe!


How many plumbers live in Joe Biden's neighborhood? Does he socialize with any? Are there any in congress? I imagine it would be easy for the owner of a plumbing company to make $250,000 a year by contracting plumbing out and selling the products. However, that's not the point of the Joe the Plumber story. The point is the answer he was given by presidential candidate Barack Obama. Does Barack Obama want to spread the wealth around by taking it away from some and sharing it with others below them? Ask him that question outright. 4


That's pretty sad that Biden/Obama are now poking fun at Joe the Plumber now but they were all for the Joe the Plumbers before he got upset at the Obama's Socialist Tax Plan, who wouldn't. And for Biden's information, I work for a builder, yes, some builders are still doing well, and the plumbers we use have crews of over 25 trucks and some have crews of 10 trucks. Either way, when we pay up to $20,000 to plumb 12 custom homes a year, these "small businesses" make more than $250,000 and we are not the only one's paying them. I do consider these small businesses, as well as the builder I work for. The builder builds up to 12 homes per year from $600K to $1 million. Although that sounds like a good deal and he's rolling in the dough, he's not. I see the bills and he pays 5 employees, not 30. Since they are in their own little bubble when it comes to what they think of small business, they need to educate themselves. Some small businesses dig themselves a hole before they are even hit with taxes. And Obama/Biden evidently do not know that Plumbing companies and their employees make good money. At least the ones that make a name for themselves and push for business. It's sad that they were pushing for the "little people" and now they are bashing them.

The this one:

It was obvious that when Obama said "spread the wealth around" he was talking about using tax dollars to improve education,healthcare,and the economy so that more people are able to make more money and "grow the middle class".This is not socialism,its good government. And Joe the Faux Plumber would have a very hard time competing with licensed plumbers and contractors in the area that he lives in.Some additional education ,in both building codes and plumbing techniques,along with some acounting education so he can understand the tax system ,would allow him to actually be able to make it to that $250,000 a year level that he is concerned about,at which time he would owe an additional 3% in taxes,while the benefits for him,his son,his employees,and his partner would more than offset that 3 %.


Okay, so I am biased, but I have taken three comments that I feel represent how I feel (I have "bolded" the thoughts I especially agree with), and then one to show what I think is a gross misunderstanding of how government should operate (the last comment and I have "bolded" what I disagree with).

I was watching Dr. 90210 the other day (I am reality show addict…so sad) and Dr. Robert Rey is a workaholic, and his wife takes care of their 2 kids on her own (her mother helps, but they don’t have a nanny or anything, despite having a lot of money). Dr. Rey really dislikes his mother-in-law, so when she is around, he works even longer hours. Anyway, now his wife wants to buy a bigger more expensive house, move further away from Dr. Rey’s work, so his commute would be longer, because it would be a better area for the kids and nearer to her parents, whom she would like to spend more time with, because Dr. Rey is never home and she feels lonely. When she proposes this new house purchase to Robert, he balks, and then she says: “well, you don’t have any say in this matter!” I was bug-eyed watching that. What, she wants to move, wants to spend $9 million of their money, and he is the breadwinner, but he has no say in this, because she is the one taking care of the kids all day and he is never home any way? I just didn’t get it, but I think it kind of illustrated the tug of war between the breadwinners and the bread-spenders in the US.

Often when I see discussions about why the rich should pay higher taxes, it quite often paints the rich as not so nice people. People who suck the life-blood out of the poor. People who profit from others losses. Greedy. People who have no hearts. It makes me sad, because I know a lot of these “rich” people. I know how difficult it is to become wealthy, and stay wealthy. Also, I understand how important it is not to eat the seed potatoes…meaning, it is not in an employer’s best interest to mistreat or take advantage of his employees or do shoddy work. So when I hear generalizations to that effect it reminds me of how distant and divided we are a country. I wish that it weren’t so.

So my question is this (to proponents of higher taxes for those who earn more): What would you say if society were smaller (kibbutz-like almost) and you had to explain to others why you felt it was necessary for them to pay more taxes? Like in a one on one conversation?

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Supporting a presidential candidate vs. supporting the president

Grrr...this morning I watched a clip of some news show commenting on Elizabeth Hasselbeck's announcement on The View that she was going to " get in a long line of supporters for this president". And I have seen oodles of interpretations that this means that Hasselbeck is eating crow, or that finally she is seen the light, after realizing that most of America supports Obama, so she should too.

It makes me sad that people don't see it for what it is. Respect for the election process, respect for fellow citizens' rights to choose a common president, and respect for the winner of that election and the future leader of the US.

Hasselbeck certainly didn't support Obama the presidential candidate, but she WILL support Obama the POTUS.

It just makes it obvious, that had tables been turned, and the majority of the US had voted for McCain, many people "wouldn't see the light" and support the president. Well, I say that like it's hypothetical.

We have had the 2 past elections to prove that point.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

First Halloween Pics

I have discovered a wonderful land called Facebook...and have been neglecting my blog. So here are some piccies from yesterday!

He lasted about 3 minutes in each of them...enough time for pictures!